Actor Workshops provides professional acting training with weekend workshops across Canada. All the training is geared to the film and television industries. Everything from "How to Break Into the Business of Acting" to "Advanced Scene Studies For the Camera" are covered by our workshops.
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This is the third year the Actor Core Group Program is being offered to aspiring actors in different areas across Canada. In order to participate, a questionnaire must be filled out along with all the requested attachments and returned by email to 80% of the members currently enrolled in the Actor Core Group have booked professional, paid acting work.

“Living in a world full of compromise and obstacles, very fewexperiences illuminate a solid confidence in an artist.. But my time with Neil has. All of the pretense, the jargon, the mixed messages - not only about what it is to be an actor, but also the work itself - get efficiently chipped away. The realism, and moreover the reality, of who I am and what I can have allow me to navigate a more confidently defined road ahead. Neil is a warm and decisive soul, able to expose the parts of the business you can affect, and also take away the insufferable pressures we place on ourselves as performers. For this, I am astounded, and very much a grateful girl.” K.M.

The Actor Core Group is much more than an acting class, its a complete affordable one-year program designed to help you make your acting career a reality and be a real contender at a professional level. No other such program exists in Canada.

“Neil, you bring a lot of great things to the table: a gentle andinsightful approach to critiquing one's acting; a continually positiveand upbeat attitude; insider knowledge; cracker-jack humour; occasionalprods to expect more of myself; effective coaching; and wisdom. Yourfocus on the business/marketing side of acting has been most welcome,and literally has been life-changing. Until I could visualize the stepsinvolved in achieving a career, I was in many ways flailing. No longer! Even living away from the epicenters of film/tv production, Iam now armed with the info, principles and practical strategies tosucceed. My self-confidence re being able to achieve success as anactor is high, and getting higher by the week.” G.L.

Because of it’s unique structure, there is no need to discontinue your “day job” to participate and get all the benefits of this program’s high-powered techniques and insights. In person coaching is done on pre-scheduled weekends and weekly communication keeps you studying and practicing on a daily basis.

All of your coaching and training will be done by Neil Schell, veteran acting coach and actor. Neil has found that one of the key elements in establishing an acting career is having the support of a group. A group who’s individual members are dedicated to the same goals. A group that sets high standards of skill and professionalism thereby moving each actor on a fast track to the career of their dreams.

“Being a part of the Core Group has made a huge difference on how I look at my acting career. It's no longer a daydream I have in class or at work, but something I know is going to happen because I've learned how to make it happen. Not only have you beenmotivating and challenging us to work towards shaping our careers, you've given us somuch information about all the other aspects I NEVER would've given a single thoughtto. Aspects, like marketing and being a business person. I laugh now when I think aboutmy prof at school claiming to be my acting coach because he doesn't care even aneighth as much as you do about how I control my career. And I have you to thank for giving me the confidence to not be afraid of walking away from what is expected of mefor a "normal" life and believing I can make it work on my own!You're the light bulb above my head ;)” T.C.

Neil has been coaching actors for 15 years. He is a professional acting coach and actor residing in Vancouver. He regularly holds classes in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Toronto and works as an actor in Vancouver,Toronto and Montreal. He brings with him a talent for training actors up to professional standards and coaching them with their acting careers so they avoid mistakes that could set them back several years.

In addition to all of that direct training of actors, more recently, Neil completed directing 26 episodes of a TV series entitled "Higher Learning." This series was shot in Nairobi, Kenya and has started airing there. Negotiations are ongoing to get the series aired in Canada. You can see clips of Neil's directing work at On Neil's website you will see a promo trailer for a series entitled "Saints" which he also directed. At the bottom of his personal web page you can see Neil's demo reel for acting. His most recent role is opposite Liam Neeson in the blockbuster film "The A-Team." A tiny part of his scene with Liam is even in the trailer that is airing on TV and can be found on "The A-Team" website.

“If I hadn't joined the Actor Core Group I would still be a hobbyistactor. I know that because I had spent years thinking about how muchI wanted to be an actor but never did anything about it except theoccasional workshop and practice a bunch in the event of an audition.Since joining the group I believe in myself enough to call myself an"actor". Before it was always, "I work in Marketing but I like to actand I might think about being an actor someday". Now it's "I'm anactor but I also have another job for the time being, while Itransition to a full-time acting career". I honestly think I can do it, and I have allowed myself to fully want this for myself - for realthis time.

Having the group for support has been invaluable to me. When I firstsigned up for the year, I remember thinking "What if we don't likeeach other?" I have to laugh at that now, as I have never been partof such a supportive group that is so passionate about the same thing.Making the decision to be a real actor has not been easy, but knowingthat everyone else is walking the same path keeps me going.

As for your guidance in the group, I feel like you honestly think thatevery one of us can go as far as we want to go in this industry, andthat in itself gives me incredible confidence. The main reason I haveinvested in your coaching over the years is that you bring out thebest in me. You are positive about an industry that can easilybecome very plagued with negativity. You think like me, in that youdon't believe that actors need to huff & puff in a dark corner with aphoto of their dead dog to genuinely connect with the scene. Mostimportantly, you believe in me even when my confidence temporarilyslides and I begin to doubt myself. I suppose you're like an anchorof confidence for our group.” A. W.

The next Actor Core Groups will start in the following cities and times:

Calgary June 21, 2010 / Vancouver October 18, 2010 / Toronto October 25, 2010

The full, one-year program consists of the following:

  • 5-day Acting Bootcamp (starts on your area’s start date) -weekly assignments to keep you on your game -online, live web-coaching for any and every audition you have -an open communication line to your coach Neil Schell by email or even web-cam if needed -6 two-day weekend workshops exclusively for the Core Group spread throughout the year -3 visits to the weekend workshops by local casting directors -career coaching on steps you need to take to establish a professional acting career

  • Hugely discounted prices to participate in all other acting workshops with Neil regardless of where - Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto

  • The assisted support of all the other members of the Core Group who have the same intention of establishing an acting career

    If you are interested in being a part of this elite group of actors, please download the Actor Core Group Questionnaire. It’s a pdf file that you can find on this web page. Or email Steve at info@actorworkshops.comfor one. You can also email Steve with any questions you might have.

    On the questionnaire you will find all the workshop dates for your area and what you need to do to become a part of this unique program.

    Based on current workshop prices, private web-coaching prices and weekly correspondence coaching prices, this package purchased separately would cost over $5,000 (with only 12 web-coaching sessions). Purchasing separately does not include, of course, the most important element, the group working together. It also does not include the weekly assignments. is giving this highly sought after program for a fee of $2,999.00.

    Once again, to get your questionnaire either download it from this web page or email Steve at The questionnaire is detailed and lays out all that you need do to become a member of this group and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to advance your acting career. It also describes more about the program and how it all works.

    Additional comments from Actor Core Group members:

    Being a part of the core group has changed my life. When you are in a group like this it motivates you to work harder at your goals because you have accountability and support. Over the past 8 months of being a part of this group I have come leaps and bounds from where I started. I have a new level of skill and confidence. If you want your life to change for the better and really know that acting is your true passion, join a core group and it will happen! S. S.

    "The Actor Core Group has been ultimately invaluable for me. The expectations from both Neil, as a coach, as well as the group are extremely high. There is always a push to "do better, work harder, expect more from yourself and each other", which doesn't make it easy, but acting's not about "easy". It's about getting to the core (as the group's name suggests) of each individual's skills and areas for improvement through invaluable techniques, honest critique, motivation, support, and endless encouragement to keep striving for the highest level of achievement. Neil's coaching focuses not only on the work and techniques involved in the art of acting, but also emphasizes the importance of the business of acting–what you need to do beyond training to meet your ultimate goals in the industry. Having attended other workshops and seen other actors at work, I'm constantly in awe of the standard of excellence of the Actor Core Group and unbelievable growth of each individual within the group - as actors and as everyday people. Tools are important, and Neil has the industry expertise and provides all of the necessary resources to support the group's and the individual's progress, and has a wonderful sense of understanding each actor's needs in terms of pushing them to the appropriate limits for growth. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been accepted into this elite group, one that any serious actor needs to consider being a part of. Do it." N.H.


    QUESTIONNAIRE – THE ACTOR CORE GROUP - 2010/2011 (Open Form - click here)


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